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Automatic Content Rotator

** Special Offer **

For a limited time I am offering you a huge discount on the full version of my Automatic Content Rotator Package (please see the details below) plus I am including more than 25,000 Keyword Targeted Reprint Rights Articles!

With my Automatic Content Rotator Package you can automatically rotate content in a random order, in a specific sequence, and/or in a specific period of time such as by the hour, by the day, week, month, year, or even in a customized period of time.

The Automatic Content Rotator can rotate an unlimited amount of any type of content including HTML, text, images, advertisements, affiliate products, RSS Feeds, JavaScript, AdSense code, PHP code, keywords, snippets, and multimedia files like audio and video!

The amazing sequence rotator also has a foolproof tracking system that will remember the last segment of content that "each" of your visitors viewed, so it will continue to give them your sequence of content as they move through your Website, and also when they return to your site at a later date.

A demonstration of the sequence rotator is directly below. To see the content rotate just click your Web Browser’s “Refresh” button.

The Automatic Content Rotator™ script will insert one of the 5 Files to be rotated (in sequence) below this red line. To see the content rotate just “Refresh” the page.

The example below contains a health related article that is wrapped around an image. There is no limit on the type and amount of content you can rotate!

Energy from Fatty Acids

Fat molecules consist of three fatty acid chains connected by a glycerol backbone. Fatty acids are basically long chains of carbon and hydrogen and are the major source of energy during normal activities.

Fatty acids are broken down by progressively cleaving two carbon bits and converting these to acetyl Coenzyme-A (CoA). The acetyl CoA is then oxidized by the same citric acid cycle involved in the metabolism of glucose. For every two carbons in a fatty acid, oxidation yields 5 ATPs (Adenosine Triphosphates) generating the acetyl Coenzyme-A and 12 more ATPs oxidizing the coenzyme. This makes fat a terrific molecule in which to store energy, as the body well knows (much to our dismay). The only biological drawback to this, and other, forms of oxidative metabolism is its dependence on oxygen.

Energy from Fatty Acids

Thus, if energy is required more rapidly than oxygen can be delivered, muscles switch to the less efficient anaerobic pathways. Interestingly, this implies that an anaerobic workout will not "burn" any fat, but will preferentially deplete the body of glucose. Of course, your body can't survive very long on just anaerobic just can't generate enough energy.

The Automatic Content Rotator™ script will insert one of the 5 Files to be rotated (in sequence) above the red line.

The time rotator can be set to automatically display time sensitive information like limited time special offers or daily/weekly/monthly time delayed (or time period rotated) messages, newsletters and articles.

Plus, you can have as many different content rotators (multiple rotators) on as many Web pages as you want!

Best of all, these content rotator scripts will show your series of content for Search Engines as well as for humans. This is real content on real Web pages because the content that's rotated is automatically embedded in the source code of your Web page. This way your rotated content appears exactly the same for Search Engines as it does for humans (no tricks). Which means you won't get into any trouble with the Search Engines from using these content rotator scripts.

The regular price for the Automatic Content Rotator Package is $67 but for a limited time you can get it for only $29.95 plus if you order today you will get the following bonus:

You will get more than 25,000 Keyword Targeted Articles...

These content rich articles can be freely used on any Website as long as the "Author" information is kept in every article.

Articles by Category:


Business and Finance

Computers and The Internet



Health and Fitness

Home Improvement


Marketing and Promotion


Online Business


Recreation and Sports

Self Improvement

Travel and Leisure

Web Development

Women and Women's Issues

and more...

This article package alone is valued at $297.00 - it took several weeks to compile and format these articles but they are yours when you take advantage of this special offer.

I am sure you have heard the saying "Content is King" and keyword targeted articles are the best type of content for getting free Search Engine traffic to your site and for generating thousands of dollars in AdSense and affiliate income.

Plus, this full version of the Automatic Content Rotator Package is the most effective, ethical, and long-lasting traffic generation tool because when it is combined with keyword target articles it will automatically provide fresh, unique, and relevant high-quality useful content that your visitors and Search Engines will love.

Click here to get the full version of the Automatic Content Rotator Package and more than 25,000 Keyword Targeted Articles for only $29.95

You need to know how to unzip Zipped files.
You need to be able to edit/enter variables in PHP scripts.
You need to be able to edit a Web page.
You need to be able to upload files to your Website.
You need to be able to set file permissions.
The scripts need to be hosted on a Web Server that has PHP version 4 (or higher) and the zlib (data-compression library) module must be installed on your server (most Web Servers already have these requirements).

If you have any questions please contact me.


Don Richter

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